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Dear Clive – Injury at Work Claim

Mr Clive McKeag – our senior consultant provides advice on a range of legal issues.

Dear Clive

I have a claim for an injury at work. My employers say I am out of time. My solicitor has told me what the claim is worth but says I should make an offer to accept two thirds of that because of the litigation risk. I am not happy. Can you explain what this is?

Dear George

It is a good idea for a claimant to make an offer as it puts pressure on the Defendant who may have to pay interest and indemnity costs if they don’t beat it. Litigation risk reflects the fact that you may not prove at trial that your employer was negligent or that their negligence caused your injury. Or, in your case, that you brought your claim outside the 3 years allowed. You reduce the amount you are willing to accept to reflect this.

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