Brain Damage Due To
Medical Negligence

Brain Damage is caused when the brain is starved of oxygen due to lack of blood flow. This oxygen starvation can cause the brain tissue to die and this brain injury will manifest itself as what we commonly refer to as ‘brain damage’.

Brain damage can be of varying levels of severity and we at McKeag & Co have experience of dealing with a range of different types of brain injury, all the way up to the most serious, catastrophic claims where a Claimant will be unable to live independently and will require a comprehensive care package for the rest of their lives. We will also ensure that assessments are made for the need for appropriate accommodation, be it through adaptations to an existing property, or purchasing a new property which is suitable for your needs, a full therapy package and will ensure that assessments are conducted to assess the need for any assistive technology so that this can be included in your claim.

Whilst no one can change what has happened, we will strive to ensure that you achieve maximum recovery to make your life more comfortable and make your injury and what has happened easier for you to deal with.

If you, or a loved one, have sustained brain damage as a consequence of a mistake in your medical treatment, please contact us on 0191 213 1010, click Contact Our Team below or fill in our form below for a free discussion about your claim.