Employment Law

Whether you are a small or large company or organisation, a thorough grasp of employment law is essential to protect your business.


McKeag & Co provide expert legal advice when dealing with extensive employment legislation and case law.

Whether you need support to deal with a specific situation or ongoing employment advice, we tailor our service to meet your exact business needs.

From advice prior to disputes arising, to representation at Employment Tribunals or in Court, we can assist you on the correct procedures to follow. We regularly advise on the following

Employment Law Areas

Signing a Contract
Employment Contracts & Letters
Disciplinary & Grievance
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Health and Safety.jpeg
Health & Safety
Equality, Diversity & Discrimination
Flexible Working Arrangements
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Conversation in Court
Recovery of Losses
Signing a Contract
Self Employment, Contractors etc
Signing a Contract
Terminating Employment
Done Deal

Your relationship with your employees is vital to your business’s success. Our employment solicitors can help you manage the legal side of this relationship, leaving your managers with more time to do what they do best.

Employment law issues can become costly, time-consuming and stressful if you don’t handle them quickly. With our help, you can develop the right policies to ensure legal compliance and proactively resolve problems before they grow.


We’re one of the top employment law teams in the country and work with businesses across major industry sectors. Our lawyers are highly experienced in all aspects of employment law so you’ll get comprehensive advice about your HR processes, from recruitment onwards. 

What Employment Law Services do we offer?

Our forward-thinking and pragmatic advice will help you reduce the risk, costs, stress and management time involved with staff issues. We can help you:

Train managers on common employment law issues

Comply with the latest employment legislation

Prevent and resolve employment disputes

Stop leavers from poaching valuable employees and customers

Implement or improve disciplinary and grievance processes

Prepare for disciplinary and grievance hearings, appeals, and employment tribunals

Transform a specific part of your business and advise on the employment implications

Limit reputational damage

Draft, review, or update contracts and policies

Bring skilled workers into your business from outside the UK

Take advantage of outsourcing opportunities and navigate the TUPE regulations

Manage equality and diversity requirements

Protect confidential information

Conduct a fair process to change terms of employment

Manage your relationship with trade unions

Who can we help?

Our employment solicitors advise businesses of all sizes and have particular experience with organisations specialising in

  • Financial services

  • Construction

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Consumer goods

  • Facilities Management

  • Education

  • Telecommunications, media and technology

  • Recruitment

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Why choose us?

You’ll be working with one of the UK’s leading teams of employment solicitors, with offices across the country.


We’re efficient and cost-effective across both individual matters and high volume work. With our strategic advice and set cost training packages, you can benefit from

  • Lower business risk through improved legal compliance

  • Increased profits from improved staff performance and productivity

  • Reduced risk of leavers damaging the company

  • Peace of mind for managers

  • More time for managers to drive value.

  • Our flexible fee structures mean that you get exactly the level of service you need with no unwelcome surprises. You can choose from options including a bank of hours, capped fees, or a retainer service.

  •  You can also take advantage of our firm’s expertise in other areas of law that impact employers, such as pensions, tax and immigration.


McKeag & Co have been established on Tyneside for over 100 years and during this time have been successful in obtaining millions of pounds compensation for people who have suffered abuse.

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