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There are many reasons why an individual might find themselves in need of legal representation or legal advice from a specialist in Education Law.

McKeag & Co. are specialists in helping individuals achieve their objectives in matters involving Education Law and would be happy to help you achieve yours.

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Children with Special Needs
Bullying in Schools
Assistance for Professionals


  • Deciding what school your child should go to is one of the most difficult decisions a parent will face

  • We can help you challenge this decision to try and ensure that your child gains admission to a school, college or nursery

  • We can advise you about policies and procedures and represent you at an appeal hearing


  • Sadly there are many children with Special Educational Needs who do not have access to appropriate support at school or at the hands of a local authority. We can help you challenge this

  • We can also help you challenge the contents of your child’s statement of special education needs or Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)

  • If you do not achieve your objectives through negotiation or mediation there is a Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SEND). Although the process has been designed for parents to represent themselves at the Tribunal this can be a daunting experience and we can help to ensure that you are properly prepared and represent you at the hearing


  • If a child is excluded from school parents are entitled to challenge the exclusion decision by first complaining to the school. If no progress is made and you still agree with the decision there may be grounds to appeal further. There are strict time limits to appeal.

  • If your child is excluded from school the Local Education Authority (LEA) has certain responsibilities to your child and we can advise you on this

  • We can help you to arrange an alternative placement following exclusion from school

  • More than two-thirds of permanently excluded children have Special Educational Needs. Government guidance emphasises the importance of schools considering alternatives to exclusion wherever possible and we can help you to ensure that they do

Children with Special Needs


  • Schools have a duty to prevent all forms of bullying

  • If you believe your child is being bullied at school you are entitled to lodge a formal complaint and we can help you with this


  • We can help you if you are a teacher or work for a school and are responding to a regulatory investigation

  • We can also help if you need to challenge a funding decision

Other reasons why you might need legal representation/advice regarding Education Law

  • Discrimination – we can advise you if you believe you or your child may have been discriminated against by a school or college

  • Higher Education – if you are experiencing problems with your studies due to a learning difficulty or disability or facing a complaint

  • School Transport

  • Applications for Education from Overseas

  • Breach of Contract, Statutory Duty and Negligence

Bullying in Schools
Assistance for Professionals


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