McKeag & Co have a long standing reputation for assisting Clients in recovering the compensation they are entitled to. We are dedicated to ensuring that our Clients are supported and kept informed through every step of the process.

Our team of specialists offer a personal service and are experienced in handling a wide range of claims including life changing injury and fatal accident claims.

Please find more information below on the different types and areas of claims we can help you with.

If you would like to find out more about how we can assist you, please view our compensation pages use the relevant buttons below to contact us or fill in our online Enquiry form and we will be happy to help.


We have specialist teams for all types of claims, ranging from the serious injury to the more minor injury claims.


We act no win no fee. You don’t pay us anything at all if your claim is unsuccessful and you pay a fixed and capped sum from your compensation if the claim is successful, so you never end up out of pocket by instructing us. This capped sum that you pay to us is on top of the amounts the Defendant also pay by way of costs to us on your behalf when a claim is successful. No payments are required from you as we progress your case.


We can assist with rehabilitation to help you get back from your injuries.


Millions of pounds in compensation has been recovered on behalf of our clients.


We have a flexible way of working to suit you. We fight for you, you are important to us.


​Abuse can take many forms, with the distressing nature of the experiences being particularly difficult to talk about. From sexual abuse to physical, emotional or financial abuse , coming forward can be extremely difficult and take a considerable amount of courage


Does your property have mould or dampness or cold spots, or peeling wallpaper or condensation or marks on the interior wall, or salt marks on the exterior wall? If so this might be because of cavity wall insulation problems, we can help.

We can arrange an independent survey of your property.

We can bring a claim for you for the cost of putting this right so that the problem is solved and no longer troubles you. This claim can also include the cost of redecoration and the cost of replacing any items of furniture as well.

We can bring the claim no win no fee so you only pay us if you win your claim and pay a capped fixed fee to us from your compensation, so it is risk free and you never end up out of pocket.

If you or your family have suffered any health problems we can also bring a claim for compensation for this.


This is a personal injury claim, click our Personal Injury Claims button below.


We do not see you as disabled but we know that sadly many people do and contribute to this by the way they treat you, but by law you have a right to be treated in a way no less favourably than anyone else. We are here to help and redress the imbalance for you.

You are entitled to claim compensation for the discrimination and by doing so we can help force changes to stop this discrimination.

We can do this for you on a no win no fee basis by which you do not pay us anything if your claim is unsuccessful and pay a fixed capped sum if the claim is successful so you never end up out of pocket by instructing us.



Claims involving the death of a loved one are undoubtedly upsetting and stressful.


Whilst money can not replace the tragic loss of a loved one, here at McKeag & Co we aim to ease the financial burden and pressure which arise as a result.

Our Solicitors have a wide range of experience and whatever the circumstances of your claim, you can rest assured that it will be handled with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.


We can claim compensation for flights that were delayed or cancelled in the last 6 years.


We can handle your claim through an online process that requires minimal involvement from you.


We act no win no fee by which you only pay us a fixed fee from your compensation and only if the claim is successful, so it is risk free and you never end up out of pocket.


We can prepare Statutory Declarations for you should you require them


Usually, these are required for such events as a Change of Name, a Marriage overseas, or an application for Student Finance


We offer these services on a fixed fee basis


Many residents in a care home are paying for care when they should not be as this should be funded for them.


We can assist with a claim for repayment, this can be back dated and can be made even if the person in the care home is sadly now deceased.


We have flexible ways of managing the cost of the claim. We can act no win no fee by which we take a fixed sum from any repayment we secure for you so you do not pay us anything if we are not successful in getting a repayment for you or if you prefer we can act on the basis by which you agree to pay to us a pre-set fixed fee so in either case you therefore have certainty.