Orthopaedic claims can relate to anything from failure to appropriately diagnose and treat a degenerative condition, resulting in an acceleration or exacerbation of symptoms, to a failure to diagnose and treat a fracture, or failures during the course of orthopaedic surgery, such as fracture repairs or hip or knee replacement procedures, among other things.

When errors occur during the course of orthopaedic treatment, a patient can be left with an ongoing physical deformity, or disability which can have a significant impact on their ability to function on a day-to-day basis, potentially resulting in an inability to earn a living.

We will ensure that a comprehensive investigation is performed in relation to your claim, including looking into the need for an ongoing care package and any aids and adaptations that are required to make life easier.

Whilst no one can change what has happened, we will strive to ensure that you achieve maximum recovery to make your life more comfortable and make your injury and what has happened easier for you to deal with.

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