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The Claims Process


The Claims process can seem very daunting and we aim to make the steps as simple and straightforward as possible. A brief outline of the Claims process is described below and during your claim, you will receive regular updates as to how the matter is progressing.

Each claim is different; however, there are some keys steps central to claims of all values which can be broken down as follows.

The No Win No fee agreement and our introductory letter will be sent to you.  We may also include a brief questionnaire.

The return of these forms confirms your instruction to us to act on your behalf.

These can be sent to you for completion but if you would prefer to make an appointment to complete these forms at our office or at your home, please do not hesitate to request this.

We shall draft a letter of the claim based on information that you will provide us with and which we shall send to you for your approval.

Once you have approved the draft letter of the claim we shall forward the letter of claim to the Defendant.

The Defendant or the Defendants insurer has time limits to acknowledge our letter of the claim depending on the type of claim.

Thereafter the Defendant or the Defendants Insurer then have set periods of time to refer the claim to their insurer and complete their investigations.

Once this time period has expired the Defendant must provide us with admission or denial of liability.

We then arrange to obtain your medical records and provide you with an appointment with an appropriate specialist medical expert to provide a detailed report about your injuries.

During this period we shall also compile a statement of any financial losses that you have suffered. This can include medical and treatment expenses, loss of earnings, a contribution towards care and assistance provided by friends and family members as well as any other losses that can be directly attributed to your accident. Remember to keep a diary of these expenses together with any receipts as they accrue.

On receipt of this report, we shall approach the Defendants and together with your input negotiate an offer of settlement that fully reflects both the seriousness of your injuries and the level of financial loss that you have suffered.

If you would prefer to make an appointment to attend our offices to speak to a solicitor in person please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 213 1010

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0191 213 1010

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