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What is Medical Negligence?

Everyone knows that medical treatment can sometimes go wrong. Medicine is an imprecise science and sometimes things happen during the course of medical treatment that leave a patient with injuries or problems that had not been expected. Most of the time, these are unfortunate, but recognised complications of the treatment being received, but sometimes, injuries or problems occur because someone has made a mistake that should never have happened.

Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Paramedics and other healthcare professionals owe all of their patients a duty of care and if they breach this duty, this is known as Medical, or Clinical Negligence and the injured patient has a right to make a claim.

What Should I Do Now?

If you have concerns about the treatment that you have received, then please contact us by telephone on 0191 213 1010, email by clicking the contact our team below, or by using the enquiry form to discuss your claim free of charge.

Be confident in knowing you have chosen a Solicitor who will use their knowledge and skills to ensure the best possible outcome for your claim.

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