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Debt Recovery

Bad debts can have grave consequences on a business’s cash flow and chasing payment can take time and effort that you just can’t afford. At McKeag & Co Solicitors we can offer a quick and effective service to ensure that your debtor’s pay.

Step one: Demand for payment

When you instruct McKeag & Co to recover your debt we will immediately send a demand letter to the debtor requesting that they make payment, usually within seven days. In our experience, this action is often enough to prompt payment.

What if payment is not received?

If the debt remains outstanding the next step would be to commence proceedings through the County Court. In certain circumstances you may also wish to consider insolvency action or bankruptcy proceedings. Our experienced Solicitors will ensure that you are given appropriate advice on the best way in which to proceed.

If I receive judgement and the debt is still not paid, can you help?

At McKeag & Co we are committed to providing you with a full service to ensure that your debt is recovered. In the event that we are able to secure a Judgement but the debt remains unpaid we can assist you in taking further steps such as putting a charge on the debtor’s property, obtaining an attachment to earnings order or seizing goods up the value of the debt.

If you think that we could assist you or your business in in recouping unpaid debts please contact our debt recovery team who will be happy to help.

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