Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating, not only for the person suffering from the disease, but also for their loved ones. Receiving a diagnosis can be made worse when you believe that it was possible that the diagnosis should have been made sooner, or that you would not have developed the disease, if not for someone’s negligence.

McKeag & Co have dealt with a number of these types of claims and in these situations, we understand that the need to know whether your or your loved ones prognosis has been affected by any delay in diagnosis can be essential.

We will perform a comprehensive investigation into your claim and will strive make sure that all potential claims for financial loss are investigated to ensure that you receive the best possible care and, if required, that your loved ones are looked after in the event of your death.

If you have suffered a delay in diagnosis of cancer/pre-cancerous cells, please contact us on 0191 213 1010, click Contact Our Team below or fill in our form below for a free discussion about your claim.

Cancer Claims Due To
Medical Negligence