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It is estimated that over 31 million adults in the UK do not have a Will. This means that these people run the risk of dying intestate ("which is the legal term to describe what happens when someone does not have a will") and having their estate distributed in accordance with the strict intestacy rules. This can be of particular issue for co-habiting couples, separated but not divorced couples and those with step children. Without having a Will in place, you run the risk of your estate being inherited by people you would not choose to inherit.

Unfortunately, we just do not know what is round the corner, which is why time really is of the essence when it comes to putting a Will in place and it is vital that you receive legal advice tailored to your situation.

McKeag & Co make sure the process is as simple and as smooth as can be for both you and your executors after you have passed.

We have put together a list of 7 reasons as to why you should make a Will:

  1. It gives you the choice of who inherits your estate.

  2. It is less expensive to administer your estate if you have a Will in place.

  3. Having a Will in place makes it a lot easier for your loved ones after you have passed.

  4. You can appoint someone to be the guardian of your children should you pass away whilst they are minors.

  5. You can provide for vulnerable people and avoid affecting any benefits they receive.

  6. You can protect against Care Home Fees.

  7. We can make provisions to try to mitigate the risk of your Will being contested.

  8. In some cases a Will can reduce inheritance tax payable or even avoid it altogether.


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Our Wills & Probate department covers all aspects of preparing wills and dealing with a person’s assets after they have died. We also give advice on bringing claims against an estate and on defending an estate against such claims.


We deal with the Court of Protection and the Office of the Public Guardian, in work that includes Powers of Attorney, Deputyship orders and Statutory Wills.

We all know the importance of making a Will and it is all too easy to put off.


Making a Will has at last been made simple. We offer a complete service in Will drafting as well as assistance with probate and inheritance tax matters.


At all times we seek to provide

  • Efficient and courteous service – we can visit you at home if you live locally, or take your instructions over the telephone.

  • A Will made in quick and easy steps – same day service can usually be provided for urgent cases. We do all of the work for you.

  • A Will tailor-made for you, drafted to meet your own circumstances.

  • Complete peace of mind that everything has been covered.

Your Will


Between 50% and 65% of people in England and Wales die without any Will or with a faulty will (usually homemade). As a result they leave their loved ones with what may be unnecessary, complicated, and expensive problems, at the time when they are least able to deal with them.

If you die without a Will, the law will decide who will get your property and assets. This often means that the people who you wish to benefit will not receive what you would like them to get. A wife or husband does not always inherit everything. Under the current law if you are not married but in a long term relationship your partner will not be entitled to anything. In some cases, all you own goes to the Government, or to distant relatives you may never have heard of.

Making a Will is a simple process for most of us. Besides ensuring that the people (or charities) you wish to benefit will do so, you can

  • Appoint an Executor who deals with all the paperwork on your family’s behalf.

  • Say who you want to look after your children should they be left without a parent.

  • Create trusts to hold money safely for your children until they are at an age when you want them to inherit.

  • Give particular items (such as jewellery) to individuals.

  • Make specific gifts of money to people or organisations.

  • Arrange for persons to be able to live in your house, and avoid possible homelessness of a relative or dependant after you have died.

  • Give your business to the persons you want.

  • Leave to people with a mental or physical disability in a way which will not affect any means tested benefits that they may receive.

  • In many cases, reduce or avoid tax.

  • Prevent your property from going to persons you would not like it to.

Why Use a Solicitor?

Even the simplest Will has to comply with legal formalities and therefore to ensure that it is correct you should make it through a Solicitor. A Solicitor can put into precise legal language your wishes so there can be no doubt as to what you mean.

We sometimes see Wills which are ambiguous, or produce results by their wording that we believe that the persons who made them would not have wanted.

We also see Wills which are not properly executed (although no doubt the persons who made them thought they were) and therefore have no legal validity. A great majority of these Wills are either home-made ones or ones that people have tried to make themselves using a commercial form.

Written instructions are no substitute for personal professional advice.

Our Fees


Help After Somebody Dies

Personal representatives are the people named in the Will to act as the Executors, or the “next of kin” of somebody who has left no Will. Being a personal representative has heavy responsibilities and can be legally difficult. This is quite apart from the fact that after the loss of someone close to you, dealing with these matters may prove personally distressing.

With this in mind we can relieve you of the burden of “getting probate” to help you to ensure that the wishes of the deceased person are followed. We can give advice on all aspects of winding up a deceased person’s estate, including selling the house or transferring it to the persons entitled.

Dealing with a deceased person’s tax can be complicated and is often a specialist’s job. We can advise on the payment of Inheritance Tax, and deal with the Income Tax affairs of a person both before death and in the period of the administration of the estate.

We can offer professional advice to personal representatives so that they can be sure that they comply with their duty to all the people mentioned in the Will.

It is sometimes possible to save a considerable amount of Inheritance Tax after a person has died by means of changing the effect of the Will or the intestacy. This needs specialist advice which we are happy to provide.