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Dogs are some of the most favoured of family pets, but any breed of dog can be unpredictable and can cause serious injuries if they attack. A dog bite can cause permanent scarring and damage to the skin, nerves, muscle and bone. In the most extreme cases, a serious dog bite can cause an infection which, if left untreated, may even lead to amputation. As well as causing significant injuries it can also create medical expenses and emotional trauma.
As a result of the pandemic there has been a soaring increase in pet ownership, this in turn causing a notable rise in dog attacks.

Every dog owner has a legal responsibility to prevent their pet from harming another person or causing a serious accident, whether at home or in public. Dog bites usually occur when the animal is not being controlled by the owner, or when the proper precautions haven’t been taken to protect other people or animals. 

It’s a particular concern for delivery drivers and postal workers – whose livelihood can be put at risk by property owners failing to control their dogs.

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If you, a family member or loved one has been the victim of an attack, it’s crucial that you seek the advice of one of our dog bite claim specialists as soon as possible to establish your best course of action and avoid paying unnecessary fees during the recovery process. Our specialist team is here to help you get the support and compensation you need to recover physically and psychologically.

When can you claim compensation for a dog bite?
Whether you are claiming against an individual or organisation, there are a number of common scenarios in which people often receive compensation following a dog bite, including:
•    Attacks on private property or public space
•    Attacks on commercial property involving workers or trades people
•    Attacks involving children
•    Attacks involving a dog that has escaped from its owner
•    Accidents caused by livestock or other animals provoked by a dog
•    Attacks on delivery drivers and postal workers

What to do if you’ve been bitten by a dog

It’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. What can appear to be a small scrape on the skin’s surface might lead to an infection or other problems, so it’s best to get the bite checked out by a medical professional.
If you’re bitten by a dog, you should report it to the police and the dog warden at your local authority. If possible:
•    Make a note of the owner’s details (name and address)
•    The name and breed of dog
•    Get the details of their vet
This information makes it easier for your solicitor to know who’s responsible and to find out further details about the dog. You will also need to collect evidence of the dog attack should you decide in the future to claim for compensation. If you are safely able to, you should

•    Take photos of the injury after the incident
•    Photograph the injury as it’s recovering
•    Keep any pieces of clothing that you were wearing at the time of the dog attack (preferably unwashed)
•    Create a written account of the attack
•    Get the details of any witnesses, if there were any
•    A formal medical record from your doctor (and the hospital if you needed hospital treatment)


These steps will help your solicitor with your compensation claim.


With no win no fee, there aren’t any upfront charges or hidden costs. If you do win your case, we will charge you a ‘success fee’ as a percentage of the compensation you receive, this will then be capped at a maximum of 25% – and in many cases this is significantly less than this so you will receive the majority yourself. This fee will be agreed between you and your solicitor before we take on your case.

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McKeag & Co have been established on Tyneside for over 100 years and during this time have been successful in obtaining millions of pounds compensation for people who have suffered abuse.

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