It can be an extremely difficult and challenging time for a family when a child is ill and this can be made more difficult if there is either a delay in diagnosing their condition, causing them unnecessary pain and suffering, or when a difficult decision is made for the child to receive potentially invasive treatment, and this goes wrong.

It is, of course, possible that mistakes made when someone is a child can have an impact on the rest of their lives.

At McKeag & Co, we understand that no one would deliberately put their child in harm’s way and that this can mean that when something goes wrong during the course of their treatment, this can result in a parent, or loved one, feeling responsible.

We will always ensure that we navigate these types of claims with the greatest of sensitivity and will take into account whether it is possible that the parent themselves could also have a claim in their own right as a consequence of the events.

We will also ensure that we undertake a thorough investigation into not only the claim for the injury that has been sustained, and any psychological impact that this may have had on the child, or will potentially have on them as they age, but also for any future losses, including, if required, a care package, or lost earnings, among other things.

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