Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Injuries

Cosmetic Surgery can involve a number of different types of treatment, whether the surgery is performed to correct a physical deformity, or to improve your confidence by making you feel more comfortable about your body and appearance.

Whatever the reason that you have chosen to undergo surgery, we understand that a great deal of thought and consideration will have been put into your decision and that your expectations will be such that this surgery will greatly improve your quality of life and emotional wellbeing. This can make it all the more difficult to deal with when something goes wrong and we believe that it is always important to look at these claims from not only the physical point of view and what can be done to remedy any problems (including claiming the cost of private treatment) if this is an option, but also considering the psychological impact that the incident has had and whether any further losses/treatment costs can be claimed in relation to this.

Whilst we cannot change what has happened, we hope that we will be able to support you in coming to terms with the events and ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome from your claim.

If you have suffered an injury during the course of cosmetic surgery, please contact us on 0191 213 1010, click Contact Our Team below or fill in our form below for a free discussion about your claim.