Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Here at McKeag & Co, we are experienced in dealing in a variety of claims relating to this sensitive area of medicine.

Expecting a child should be a special time for parents and a medical mistake can often taint not only the pregnancy, but can often leave long lasting damage.

We are experienced in dealing with brain injury cases arising out of birth trauma, but also have experience of more ‘minor’ injuries to both new mothers and infants. Such claims could include mistakes which occur during the course of the pregnancy resulting in a failure to diagnose a condition which causes injury to both the mother and infant, failure to repair perineal tears following delivery, or repairing them incorrectly, delay in performing a Caesarean Section and errors in performing an epidural, among other things.

This area of medicine can, of course, include other injuries, which are not related to pregnancy, such as surgical mistakes which can occur during the course of gynaecological treatment, or failure or delay in diagnosis of gynaecological conditions.

Whilst no one can change what has happened, we will strive to ensure that you achieve maximum recovery to make your life more comfortable and make your injury and what has happened easier for you to deal with.

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