Your GP is often the only medical professional who you come into contact with on a regular basis and as such, you are likely to develop a much closer personal relationship with them than any other medics who provide you with treatment.

This can make it all the more difficult to deal with when you believe that you have suffered as a result of a negligent action by your GP.

We understand that you will have concerns about claiming against your GP and the impact this may have on your relationship with them, or your Surgery and will provide you with support and advice regarding this.

At McKeag & Co, we also understand that what can seem like an oversight or minor mistake on the part of your GP can have serious implications which can potentially impact on the rest of your life.

If you or your loved one has received negligent treatment from a GP, please contact us on 0191 213 1010, click Contact Our Team below or fill in our form below for a free discussion about your claim.

GP Negligence