Accident & Emergency / Paramedics Mistakes

It is well documented in the media that the nature of the work of paramedics and medical practitioners in Accident & Emergency Departments is extremely stressful and is often delivered in a high pressure environment, with a significant number of patients requiring treatment for various types of injuries and illnesses on any one day.

That said, a patient is still owed a duty of care by the medical professional treating them and mistakes do happen.

When you are a victim of an Accident and Emergency practitioner’s mistake, whether through a missed, or misdiagnosis, among other things, this can have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing and on your life in general.

We understand that it is often the case that it is essential for a condition or injury to be diagnosed within a certain timeframe and that a failure to do this can result in a patient being denied the opportunity for the best possible outcome for their treatment.

Not only can this cause unnecessary pain and suffering, but can also have a knock-on effect on your and your family’s emotional and financial well-being.

We will ensure that comprehensive investigations are undertaken into every aspect of your claim and will strive to ensure that your recover the best possible settlement.

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