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What is Dental Negligence?

There are more ways than one in which you might suffer from dental negligence. Some of the problems you may have experienced include:

  • Cosmetic dentistry negligence

  • Damage to teeth

  • Dental nerve damage

  • Failure to diagnose oral cancer

  • Failure to obtain consent before procedures

  • Missed or delayed diagnosis

  • Periodontal disease

  • Poor bridge work

  • Poor restorative dentistry

  • Substandard dental implants

  • Substandard root canal work

  • Teeth whitening or gum damage

  • Tooth extractions gone wrong


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Making a Dental Negligence Claim

Visiting the dentist is a stressful and difficult experience for some.


If you are the victim of dental negligence, it can be even more distressing.

Dental negligence is when a dental health professional fails to provide the right care, often resulting in a worsening condition or an injury.


If this has happened to you, you could be able to make a dental negligence claim for compensation.

Can I sue my dentist?

If you have been harmed by your dentist, you can claim from your dentist.  Who pays the compensation for a successful claim will depend on whether they work for the NHS or in Private Practice.


You can make a claim against an NHS Dentist for the pain and suffering they have caused you.

NHS Resolution will handle the claim. The NHS Resolution is an organisation that deals with all claims against the health service.


If your Private dentist was negligent in their care, you could have a claim against them.


Private dentists have their own liability insurance, which will cover any claims made against them


It may take longer to close a dentist claim against a private dentist, but we can inform you how long we expect the case to take.

How long do I have to make a claim?

In most cases, everyone has three years to make a claim for compensation after suffering Dental Negligence. This may sound like a long time, it always is a good idea to start your Dental claim as soon as possible.

The reason to claim as soon as possible is, it is easier to recall any specific details of what happened. It can also be more straightforward to get any required evidence the sooner you start your claim.

There are some exceptions to the three year rule, for example;

A child will be able to make a claim at any point up until their 21st birthday.

If you are claiming for someone who lacks the mental capacity to claim for themseles, you won't face a deadline unless they regain capacity.

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