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How do I make a complaint regarding my treatment?

In the event that the incident giving rise to your complaint occurred less than six months ago, we will advise you to pursue a formal complaint through the NHS Complaints Procedure, which is available to all patients who feel that there has been some kind of error or inadequacy in their treatment.

Once the complaints procedure is underway, you will be required to set out your allegations against the Hospital/GP and their staff in writing and this will initiate an internal enquiry into the standard of the treatment that you received within the Hospital/GP. Once their investigations are complete, the Hospital/GP will then be obliged to set out a detailed response to each of your allegations.

Although no compensation is available under this scheme, it is a very good way to establish what the Hospital/GP make of your claim and whether they admit any liability for your injuries. This response will provide a very useful starting point to enable us to investigate your allegations and assess the prospects of success in your claim.

The NHS Complaints Procedure will normally take between three and six months to complete.

As Solicitors, we would be unable to represent you in making your complaint, but assistance would be available from your local NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS), who are an independent organisation that will be able to assist you in making your complaint under the Procedure.

You can contact your local ICAS Office by using the relevant telephone number listed below

North East

Yorkshire & Humberside

North West

West Midlands

South West


Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire


Cambridge, Norfolk & Suffolk

South East

East Midlands


0845 120 3732

0845 120 3734 

0845 120 3735

0845 120 3748

0845 120 3782

0845 120 3784

0845 456 1082

0845 456 1083

0845 456 1084

0845 600 8616

0845 650 0088

0292 037 7431

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