Have you considered who would manage your affairs if you became physically or mentally incapable of handling things yourself?

Many people have had the foresight and wisdom to ask us, as Solicitors, to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney in order to minimise the problems should the situation arise. Many people think that it is only necessary to consider creating a Power of attorney if they are old but that is not the case, illness or injury can strike at any time and it is sensible to create a Power of Attorney when you are fit and active so that it can take effect if you were unfortunately physically or mentally incapable of looking after your affairs. The Power of Attorney would only become exercisable if you were incapable and it is too late to wait until you are unable to manage your affairs to create one. This is why we recommend a lasting Power of Attorney to everyone.

Making a lasting Power of Attorney is a simple process for which we charge very reasonable fees. You can choose the person or persons you want to manage your affairs, should you be unable to do so yourself for whatever reason.

Such a document can save a lot of trouble and expense as without it, it may be difficult for your relatives to handle your affairs for you.

Should you know somebody who has become mentally incapable, say because of old age, you may yourself have to handle their affairs. If they have not made a Lasting Power of Attorney we can advise on the alternative, a Deputyship Order with the Court of Protection which will allow you to manage your friend or relative’s affairs for their own good. We give practical help in this sometimes complex area of law.