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Medical Negligence

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Everyone knows that medical treatment can sometimes go wrong. Medicine is an imprecise science and sometimes things happen during the course of medical treatment that leave a patient with injuries or problems that had not been expected. Most of the time, these are unfortunate, but recognised complications of the treatment being received, but sometimes, injuries or problems occur because someone has made a mistake that should never have happened.

Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Paramedics and other healthcare professionals owe all of their patients a duty of care and if they breach this duty, this is known as Medical, or Clinical Negligence and the injured patient has a right to make a claim.

I Think I Have A Claim What Should I Do?

If you have concerns about the treatment that you have received, then please contact us to discuss your claim free of charge.

Be confident in knowing you have chosen a Solicitor who will use their knowledge and skills to ensure the best possible outcome for your claim.

You have only a limited time to claim, so it is important that you speak to someone as soon as possible.

What Can I Claim For?

In any claim for medical negligence, a Claimant is entitled to make a claim for General Damages to compensate them for the injury that they have sustained; and for Special Damages, which are designed to compensate them for the financial losses that they have sustained as a consequence of the Defendant’s negligence.

No Win, No Fee

With no win no fee, there aren’t any upfront charges or hidden costs. If you do win your case, we will charge you a ‘success fee’ as a percentage of the compensation you receive, this will then be capped at a maximum of 25% – and in many cases this is significantly less than this so you will receive the majority yourself. This fee will be agreed between you and your solicitor before we take on your case.

McKeag & Co have been established on Tyneside for over 100 years and during this time have been successful in obtaining millions of pounds compensation for people who have suffered abuse.

Call Us on (0191) 213 1010 to arrange an initial free consultation or alternatively contact us online.

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