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Mental Health Awareness Week (18th - 24th May 2020)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Many of us are worried about coronavirus and how it will affect us and those we love. This is why we are encouraging you to #SpeakYourMind and reach out to someone who needs a friend with a positive message or share with them your own tips for coping to make sure they don’t have to face this pandemic alone.

We can get through this together

Based on a recent survey by MIND with over 10,000 people taking part it was found that one of the most common coping strategies many of us are using during these times is connecting with friends and family online. So, for Mental Health Awareness week, it’s more important than ever that we use our own experiences to help each other.

For those of us with existing mental health problems, we may never have felt more lonely or isolated. We believe that nobody should have to face a mental health problem alone.

That’s why, this Mental Health Awareness Week, we are encouraging you to speak your mind and share your stories so others can see that they’re not alone in the challenges they’re facing.

We can get through this. Together. One day at a time.

For more information and guidance visit MIND.

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